Saturday, February 23, 2013

Puke, Puke, and More Puke!

I know there is some type of evil stomach virus going around, but this is getting downright ridiculous! Carter has had this so called virus 4 times in the last 2 weeks. I'm starting to think there is something else going on. It's always fun to wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of puke. I mean who wouldn't want to do this every few days? It's especially awesome when it's coming out the other end as well! Gross, I know. Since Carter has been sleeping with us, we get to all experience this wonderfulness. Last night was no different. It was about 3:30 am and I hear "Mommy...I need to throw up!" Well this time I had warning and I was not about to be covered in smelly, chunky vomit. So, as the great mommy that I am, I scream for dad to wake up and kind of throw Carter to him. Hey, I have a newborn to take care of so I figure dad can handle the big boy. At least this time he was able to make it to the bathroom in the nick of time. No mess to clean. I already know that this will continue for approximately 3 more hours, because it always does without fail. We get the big green throw up bowl (that's what it's called now) and all go back to bed. Carter continues to wake up every 15 minutes to dry heave for the next 3 hours. Then it's done. I don't understand it, and I don't like it. I feel sorry for my son that he has to go through this every 3 days. If it happens again, we may have to see what in the world is going on cause I'm pretty sure it's not normal to keep having a "stomach bug" every few days. Ugh, it's no fun. On the other hand, Camden has managed to stay well through all this nonsense! I love that I have nothing new to report in regards to the little one, because that means everything is normal right now. We do have a swallow study at Cook Children's on Monday so pray that all goes well and I will keep you posted.

Please keep Camden's friends Evan and Kennedy in your prayers. They both are wee little and had open heart surgery recently and both have had unforeseen complications arise. These little ones are fighters and have already had to endure so much in their short lives.

Feeling great during the day....

The "green bowl"

At least this one feel good!


  1. Allergies? Does seem a little odd. Hope that was the last of it. Either way, puke is a daddy job, for sure. We have sweet smelling babies to tend to. ;)

  2. Maybe? He does have pretty bad allergies so maybe it's all the drainage. It has never happened before. Very odd!

  3. That is so strange, I was covered in puke last night too! Kennedy really does like to keep it interesting. I hope Carter starts to feel better soon. That poor sweetie...hopefully the big green bowl will be retired soon. Oh and thank you so much for putting Kennedy in your post and asking for prayers. I will keep Camden and his friend Evan in my prayers as well.

    Camden looks so relaxed - that is awesome. Good luck with your swallow study! Let me know how things turn out (Kennedy has had 2 and her second one was way improved over the first).

    1. Aw, poor Kennedy! She has had a rough go. She deserves a break! He was definitely aspirating on thins. So now he is doing semi nectar consistency. I hope as he grows and the structures firm up more that this won't be as bad of a problem. That's good to know that Kennedy did better on the second one, that gives me hope!