Friday, March 29, 2013

Squeaky Toy

Whew...I'm glad this week is almost over and that Sunday is Easter! It's been busy with our usual handful of doctor appointments, but also because I went back to work. Last Sunday was hard! After being off work for almost 5 months, it was finally time to return. I remember being sad with my first  when I went back, but this was different. I have an overwhelmingly fierce protectiveness for Camden that makes me scared to leave him. I feel as if I'm the only one who can take care of him, though this was proven this week to be untrue. I could have taken a boat to work with all the tears I cried on the way. It was miserable. However, once I got to work it was actually good. It was nice for my mind to take a break from Ds and all the medical junk . I got to channel my energy towards helping other sick kids and I must admit that I missed it. It was so great to work with friends again and to have real gown up conversation. I'm only part time so it really isn't all that terrible. I'm blessed to have an amazing job with awesome co workers.

Wednesday was Camden's 4 month check up which also meant shots. Ugh. Each time he gets shots his reflux flares up and he is miserable. I've debated delaying vaccinations (that's what some moms do) but decided it's way too risky. So, he just has to be miserable for a day or two. Camden weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz and was 23 inches long. He gained 4 ounces since last week which makes it one of his slowest weekly weight gains to date since he's been out of the hospital. It's still within "normal" range though. Dr M has always commented on how great his strength and tone is for having Ds and said it once again at this appt. It always made me incredibly happy each time thinking that my son was one of the exceptions to the rule until...I read from a lot of moms that this was the same for their young baby. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very proud of my son but I have learned that there is a big difference between strength and tone. Camden is very strong but it doesn't mean he has great tone. I think the hypotonia will become more evident the older he gets. I can definitely tell a difference between holding him and another baby of the same age. Camden kind of melts or slumps when you pick him up under the arms where as a typical baby feels more firm and holds their upper torso, neck and head up. The rest of the appt went fine (except for the shots) and there were no concerns. No more pedi appts for 2 months!

We have way too many pictures of Camden on exam tables!

Today we had our first ENT appt. I decided to keep it because I know being the obsessive paranoid type of person that I am, it would drive my nuts if I didn't get this checked out. I'm sure you have read in the past about Camden's floppy airway. We pretty much know that he has laryngomalacia but we never had an "official" diagnosis. The main symptom that he has is noisy breathing. This is why I call him my "squeaky toy". It's just an occasional squeak and its so darn cute. He has inspiratory stridor when he gets excited and sometimes when sleeping. This is a high pitched sound that is heard when inhaling. He also gets mild chest retractions when he gets really worked up. I'm so used to stridor and retractions being a sign of respiratory distress, but in this case it's "normal". The only way a diagnosis of LM can be made is to visualize the airway with a scope. So, I had to sit on a chair and hold Camden in a way to make sure he was absolutely still. The ENT then runs the flexible scope through the nose until he can see the airway. It's very quick (maybe 10-15 seconds) and then it's done. I was SO shocked at how well Camden did! He did not cry at all. In fact, he didn't do much of anything! I guess he got used to all the NG tubes while in the NICU. Dr. V said that his airway looked really nice and open and that it's just a mild case. That's always good news! He did see a lot of irritation from the reflux and so I'm trying to get our pediatrician to switch him over to a different medication because Zantac is NOT cutting it! He also had a tympanogram done to check how well the ear drum is moving and that came back normal. He will have a hearing test done in three months since hearing loss is common with Ds, but other than that we are done with the ENT for now. Yay! Now we can enjoy Easter weekend!

Taking a quick snooze before the scope.

Having some Good Friday fun at Chuck E. Cheese's.

It's a very serious game!

Ending the night at Olive Garden for some dinner 
with the family.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Too Many Letters!

Last Friday we met with ECI to come up with an IFSP and it was determined that Camden will have a SST, PT, OT, SLP, and a dietician. To those of you who don't know what any of that mumbo jumbo means, I'm sure the dietician is the only one that's obvious. So, let me break it all down for you.

ECI (Early Childhood Intervention)- This is a state program provided to individuals from birth to three years of age with disabilities or developmental delay. Camden automatically qualifies based on the Ds diagnosis alone.

IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan)- This is a plan that is written up between the parents and ECI team that outlines the specific early interventions that we will receive. Things included in the IFSP are: the child's present level of functioning and need, what therapists are needed, set goals, where and when services will be provided, who will pay, and number of days or sessions that are needed. These are updated every 6 months.

SST (Social Skills Training)- To be honest...I really don't know what this is about. It's the first I've heard of it. If you know, pease enlighten me!

PT (Physical Therapist)- Individuals with Ds have hypotonia (low muscle tone) which causes them not to develop motor skills in the same way a typical child does. The goal of PT is not to get them to achieve milestones quicker, but to get them to use the proper techniques so that there are not complications down the road.

OT (Occupational Therapist)- They will help with fine and gross motor skills. They will work with Camden to promote arm and hand moments that lay the foundation for developing fine motor skills. They also help with oral-motor feeding problems since hypotonia can cause weakness of the muscles of the cheeks, tongue and lips which can make feeding difficult.

SLP (Speech Language Pathologist)- These therapists will address the speech and language problems that are often associated with Ds. There can be challenges in the development of early communication skills due to hearing loss, oral-motor weakness, and degrees of cognitive impairment. They also assist with the feeding issues mentioned above.

Dietician- The only reason they want to add a dietician to our plan is because of Camden's present feeding issues. He does not eat a lot and we are interested in exploring other thickening options besides rice cereal. Though, I think we could do this on our own. Maybe they will have some good insight.

We didn't meet any of the therapists, it was more of a meeting to come up with a plan. In the next 2-3 weeks our service coordinator along with these other therapists will start coming out to work with Camden and teaching us exercises to do when they aren't there. I was so excited when Camden rolled over from tummy to back at only a few weeks old...but that excitement was soon squashed. I thought "wow, he's doing really great! A bit early even!" Then I started reading how a lot of babies with Ds do this early and it's because they do it the wrong way using the wrong muscles. So I guess it's not "true rolling over". Whatever, I still celebrated! We haven't even started yet and I'm already burned out. Maybe it's because I don't like the idea of Camden needing therapy. They do make it convenient at least in that they will come out to our house. They also incorporate the exercises into his daily routine so it's doesn't feel like its "extra" work. It just hurts my heart that this is one more obstacle that he has to face. This kind of thing is just another reminder that my sweet boy is "developmentally delayed". I know these therapists are knowledgable in what they do and can be a tremendous asset to us for years to come. I still don't like it. I guess it's time for me to get over it.

This is what Camden thought about it all...not much

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Friends

It has been a pretty busy couple of days. On Thursday we had a pulmonology appt in the morning and then our very first Ds group gathering that evening. Then on Friday we finally had our evaluation by ECI...which I'll talk about in another post.

The pulmonology appt was pretty boring (although Camden would argue otherwise). This was for his last synagis vaccine of the season. My sweet boy hardly ever cries...except with shots. In fact, I almost didn't know if he could cry until he got his first shot. When he cries though, he means serious business. Parts of his face turn white and blue from holding his breath and screaming so loud. I was so happy that this was his last round of this vaccine, until I remembered that he gets his 4 month vaccines next week. Boo! Anyhow, they weighed him before hand and he has now hit 11 pounds even! I've been so stressed about him not eating enough  (only about 17-20 ounces a day) but apparently we are doing something right! After the appt I took him to visit my friends at work since we were there and it was so nice to see everyone. It was really great how they just loved on him...I still get nervous about what others think when they see him. I should know better by now. I go back to work Sunday and seeing everyone made me realize how much I miss them, but I'm extremely sad about leaving Camden. A few things have changed since I've been gone in the last 5 months and I hope the first day back goes smoothly. I also got to eat lunch with a couple of friends and it was nice to have adult talk!

Poor baby didn't know what was coming

Thursday was also World Down Syndrome Day and one the local groups that we were wanting to join was having a swim party. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make our first appearance. The group is in Abilene and is called The Upside Down Club. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, our resources are pretty limited. Abilene is about an 1 hour 45 minutes away and Fort Worth is 1 hour 20 minutes away. We plan on getting involved in both places. My husband has a very good friend that lives in Abilene so it's a perfect opportunity to go to a meeting and visit friends. I was pretty excited to go to our first gathering until it was time to go. I suddenly got this sick feeling in my stomach and became anxious. I really wanted to chicken out. I didn't know if I was ready for this. I felt like this was a big step and I wasn't sure it was time. I think I was mainly scared to see older children with Ds to be honest. I didn't know what to expect. I wanted to keep Camden in a bubble. Since I had already committed, I decided to go. It helped that Richard was excited about it and that calmed me some. So, off we drove to the YMCA in Abilene. There was a great turnout and everyone was so amazing. We were welcomed with open arms. I was a bit timid at first, but the more I conversed with other parents the more comfortable I became. I met several little ones with Ds and they were all just so great. I quickly felt at home and started to actually have fun. I can tell that these individuals are going to be great resources and best of all, great friends. I look forward to getting to know them better! Richard didn't swim since he preferred to be on Camden duty, so it was just Carter and I in the pool. All the kids had a blast. It was great to see them all laughing and playing together. The only bad thing was the 1 hour and 45 minute drive home. I think next time we will get a hotel!



Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Who I Am"

Today March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. 3/21 represents three copies of the 21st chromosome. The International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) is promoting the theme of "Who I Am". Since Camden is still a tad bit young to tell you himself, I would like to do it for him.

Camden is:

A Son
His Bubba's Best Friend

A Fighter
A Hard Worker
A Charmer
Just Like You
A note from mom:
I am blessed to be Camden's mother
I am a better person
I am an advocate
I am part of a wonderful community I never knew existed
I am more compassionate
I am more aware
I am learning patience
I am slowing down to enjoy each day
I am a better mom
Please check out this amazing video put out by the IDSC:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Why" ?

My mother in law and I left church together driving home from "Christian Missions" in Jacksboro, Texas {Awesome Church BTW} several weeks back and she looked at me and asked; "Richard, why do you think God would give you and Diane a baby with Down Syndrome? You are Christians, you both work hard, you both try to excel? Why"?

The day he was born, deep in my gut when I saw him placed on the table, some small something for a split second didn't seem right. This is the first time I have expressed this; I dispelled it, and life went on. Then, a week later, the "train wrecked" and I found out he had DS. I was very upset! I asked WHY?

Looking back, I was upset not that my son has DS, but for feeling sorry for myself. The good news is, IT didn't last long! I know that God doesn't make mistakes and was soon over that struggle. I look at him and all I see is an "Angel". "Angels" are different, and I am blessed to have four sons, all different in their own ways!

OK : Back to the question? WHY? I looked at him and instantly it came to me! It came to me through the same question the disciples asked Jesus when they came upon a blind man and asked, " Lord, was it the father's sins or the mother's sins that caused this person to be blind? WHY? "

The answer is unmistakable! Jesus said, "It is neither, this child was born this way to allow my Father's glory to be Shown!" That is WHY!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chunky Monkey

Yep...I'm talking about my boy...he's a little chunky monkey! We went to the Cardiologist yesterday and this was the first time we have had a weight check in 3 weeks. That doesn't seem like a long time, but when you were used to getting weight checks 1-2 times a week, 3 weeks seems like an eternity. Camden weighed in at 10 pounds 9 ounces! He gained 2 pounds in 3 weeks which is amazing! I have no doubt in my mind that it's all due to the rice we have to add to his milk, but going up in numbers on the scale is a good thing and we will take it. Now I know some might think that 10 pound is not chunky by any means, but when you start at 3 pounds, it is. Where is he on the growth charts you might ask? Well, that's a tough one. There are 3 different charts...a "typical" chart, a preemie chart, and a Ds chart. Kiddos with Ds are plotted on their own growth chart because they grow on a different curve than "typical" children. A preemie growth chart is used to account for their adjusted age. Camden is actually 15 weeks, but his adjusted age is 7 weeks since he was 8 weeks early. Too many numbers...I know. On the Ds chart for his adjusted age he falls right at the 75% for height and weight. On the typical growth chart he is right around 50%. So that means my boy is doing fantastic! One very happy momma here!

Nothing much else happened at the cardio appointment. Dr C listened to his heart and said he was pleased with his weight gain and that he wants to see us in a month for another echocardiogram. It will be nice when we can start spreading our cardio appointments to every few months instead of every month. I decided to reschedule the pulmonology appt to next week because....well...I just didn't feel like going this week. It's only for his synagis vaccine, but we have to drive an hour and twenty minutes for said vaccine, and I'm just tired. I have learned that its okay to take a break if needed and I felt it was needed. So, we will tackle that one next week.

We had some friends over for a play date this week too. The weather has been so nice this week and we definitely want to take advantage of it! I think it's supposed to be in the 80's the next few days. It's Texas though, so don't put up your winter coats just yet. Thanks Keetin, Jaicey, and Tiffany for coming to play with Carter!

I hit another emotional low this week (I know what you're thinking...I seem to hit those a lot). I got connected to a wonderful lady names Barbi who is the NPP coordinator for the DSPNT. She sent me a new parent packet in the mail which I received a couple of days ago. As I opened the package, the tears came flooding. I was taken back to the beginning. I was reminded of the day I was told Camden has Ds. I think it was because of the..."congratulations"..."new parent of a baby with Down syndrome"...types of phrases that dis me in. I don't know what I was expecting when I opened it. I mean duh, it's a "new parent packet". The tears only lasted a short minute before I started rummaging though the goodies. There was a hat with booties, a blanket, two books, and a huge binder with tons of information and resources. It was a pretty awesome package actually. I haven't had time to sit down a flip through everything, but I will. Thanks Barbi!

Richard's birthday was yesterday and dare I say...he turned 46. What an old fart! Just kidding baby...I love you! We didn't do much. In fact we didn't do anything at all. Actually, we spent time together as a family and that's the best gift of all! Today is our 5 year anniversary. I'm not sure what's on the books for today, but I just want to say:

"I love you Richard more than words can say. I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life. I could not have picked a better husband for me or father for our children. You are my rock, my soul mate, my best everything. Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness. I love you!"


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Needs Sleep?!

I had absolutely no intentions of blogging today. I'm just flat out tired. In fact, there isn't even anything going on today. Unless you count the fact that I've had to carry Camden in a baby carrier for hours...lots of hours...because he has been uncomfortable. I think he is having a reflux flare up (though I don't know why) because you can hear it and then he just screams. Since he had fallen asleep around 9:30 p.m. I was going to hit the sack as well. Ha ha...that's hilarious! You thought I was serious?! Camden promptly woke up 10 minutes after putting him down. I tried to rock him to sleep for half an hour but little dude was just not having it. So here we my bed...just hanging out. I mean who needs sleep anyway? That's a luxury I can't afford. Maybe some day.

On another note, if you have a second check out one of my cyber friend's blog post. She pretty much sums up what I've been thinking lately, but she does a much better job writing than I ever could. I knew after finding out that Camden had Ds that we would have to put up with insensitive comments. This will be something I will need to deal with for the rest of his life I'm sure. I need to be stronger and develop thicker skin, but until that happens stupid remarks are going to get to me. I would like to add that my family and friends have been super supportive and love Camden more than I could have ever imagined! The undesirable comments that I do get usually come from acquaintances or strangers. In general, I really think most individuals mean no harm...they just don't really think before they speak. Usually I just take those comments with a grain of salt and move on. Sometimes just gets my blood boiling. You have to pick your battles and let it go.

Going to try and sleep now...hopefully!

The picture is kind of fuzzy because we are laying here in the dark and I didn't have a very good flash.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fish, Fish and More Fish

This past week has been great. We didn't have ANY appointments since Monday was cancelled...ahem ahem...we won't mention any names. Since we had some free time the two boys and I took the 2 hour drive to Flower Mound to go visit my dad and step mom. We have not been back there since Camden was discharged from the NICU, which was about a month ago. A visit was long overdue. We headed out there on Tuesday after Carter got out of school. I always look forward to visiting because I get to get away from the boonies and join civilization for a few days. I knew ahead of time that I wanted to take Carter to Grapevine Mills to the aquarium. We haven't had any time with just us two, so I wanted to seize the opportunity. The first day and a half at my dad's house was filled with pure relaxation and a trip to Target. I could spend hours in Target...that's how much I love that store! I guess it's a good thing that the closest one to me is almost an hour away. On Thursday my wonderful step mom offered to watch Camden so Carter and I could have our mommy and son date. We get to the aquarium and we are done in, oh, let's say 30 minutes. That wasn't long enough. At $20 a ticket I told Carter he better get in there and at least pretend he's looking at some fish! Well, he didn't like that suggestion and decided to throw a fit and demand that I feed him. I swear he tells people that I starve him. We go eat lunch in the mall and do some much needed shopping. Of course I buy nothing for myself and always buy for the boys, but hey, that's what it's all about. I also got some much needed rest all thanks to my step mom. She took over several feedings and I must admit it was nice to get some sleep. Friday we packed up and headed back to Graford to get ready for the weekend because my mom was coming to visit. She lives a little over an hour away and she likes to come down and spend the night and just get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. We love when Grandma comes! If any of you know my know she's a hoot! It doesn't hurt that she loves to clean my house too!




We also got to go to Keetin's birthday party Saturday who turned 5. Carter would much rather play with Keetin's little sister Jaicey. He's a ladies man! ;)


Don't think my hubby was lonely and sad while we were gone. This time of year my quality time with Richard is divided between me and the fish. Yep you read right...the fish. Richard has always loved to fish. He gets giddy when spring rolls around because its trot line time. Forget good ol fashion rod and reels. I call this the lazy way of fishing...but he has assured me several times it is not. This is the way I would describe have one long heavy duty piece of tie each end to a tree branch (that's in the water) or something of the sorts...hang a bunch of hooks from this string about 18 inches apart...then put bait on each hook. Then you just leave it in the water and wait for the fish to bite. In this case, channel or blue cat. You can leave this trot line in the water for weeks, or even months if you wanted to I suppose. He goes each morning to check the lines...then baits the hooks again..then repeat the next day. Apparently his hard work has paid off because he has been catching some whoppers! I mean 30-40 pound catfish! This makes him...happy happy happy. So, even though the darn fish steal my husband away, at least I have a freezer full of fish! Yum!



This week we have two appointments, one each with the cardiologist and pulmonologist. Pulmonology should just be for his synagis vaccine (this will be the last one for this year) and hopefully we can say goodbye to Dr. D for a few months at least. Even though I get anxious about the cardiology appts, I also get equally as excited. Each time I'm expecting to hear that the hole is getting smaller and smaller and then one day I hope to be told it is closed. I know it will happen...I have faith! We have an ENT appointment next week but I honestly can't decide if I should cancel it. I'm getting mentally exhausted trying to "fix" Camden and I think he is doing rather well. The only reason why this appt was made is because of his floppy airway. I'm quite certain he has something called layrngomalacia but I guess I feel the need to have it confirmed. Treatment of choice is usually letting them "grow out of it" unless it is causing complications with breathing (apnea and oxygenation). I know he does not have apnea issues due to the fact he spent eight weeks in the NICU and did not have one apnea episode. So, I'm thinking I should let this one go and wait it out. Why add more to our plate if unnecessary?! We also have our first local Ds group get together in a couple of weeks, ECI evaluation, 4 month check up, starting back to work (boo), and birthdays and anniversary coming up. It's going to be a busy month!




Friday, March 8, 2013

Wasted Time

I have been so caught up in trying to "catch" all of Camden's issues so I can get them fixed. Reflux...almost all babies deal with it. Feeding issues...not a big deal really. Heart...all good news so far. Aspiration...taking care of it. So why do I dwell on these all day everyday? Is it different because Camden has Ds? Probably. Would these occupy my every waking thought if it were Carter? I don't know. What I know is that these are the things keeping me from bonding with my son. Instead of worrying...I should be snuggling. Instead of stressing...I should be playing with my son. My husband told me the other day "I don't want all this stress and worry to keep you from enjoying this time with Camden". I have become crazed with research at times. As much as it pains me to admit, I have become obsessed with google. This is asking for all sorts of trouble...trouble that I'm tired of being a part of. It's a bad habit that needs to be broken. I need to learn to take one day at a time and only worry when it becomes necessary. In other words "I need to chill out." It is making me mentally exhausted which in turn makes me useless to my family. I can't control all things. I need to let go.

The Lord has given me a precious gift. So, why do I choose to squander away this time with him?! I regret that the first few weeks of Camden's birth were filled with pain and fear. Moments of joy were replaced with indescribable sadness. That's time wasted. It's time that I can NEVER get back and that breaks my heart. This is now and how I choose to spend today is up to me. So, my son, I vow to cherish each day with you. I vow to spend each moment that I have with you to it's fullest potential. I will smile instead of being consumed with worry. I will give you all of me. I will not waste any more time.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The R-word

I will be the first to admit that I have used this word in the past. Usually in a context such as "that's retarded". Never ever ever have I used it toward an individual. I've heard the word "retard", "retarded", and "retardation" thrown around plenty of times and have never given it a second thought. Well, now I do. The words make me cringe anytime I hear them. One of my worst fears is that this term will be used toward my son one day and that breaks my heart. It is an offensive, cruel, negative, and derogatory term. A term that I am ashamed of ever using. Even though they shouldn't, words hold a lot of power. As much as I would like to say that it doesn't does. Today, March 6, is National spread the word to end the word day. Today I ask you to take the pledge to end the word.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mud Flaps

I was hoping to blog about our very first ECI evaluation, but no, stinkin mud flaps ruined the day. In starting this whole blogging thing I thought it would all revolve around Down syndrome. Ds has nothing to do with our crazy day yesterday. ECI was supposed to come out at 1:30 to our home to do the initial evaluation of Camden to see what types of therapies he will need. This is standard for children with Ds. They all need some type of physical, speech and occupational therapy. All morning I was frantically cleaning the house because let's face it, I haven't really been a great housekeeper lately. Approximately around 11:20 I get a call from the hubby and it goes something like this:

Richard: "I just got pulled over for a missing mud flap."
Me: "Uh, okay." ( Didn't really understand why he was calling me for this.)
Richard: "I think I have a warrant from an unpaid speeding ticket."
Me: "Uh, okay."
Richard: "Keep your phone on you."
Me: "Uh, okay."

I honestly didn't think anything of it and continued to sweep the floors. Not three minutes later the phone rings. Oh crap...can't be good. Let me sum it up for you. Get Camden in the carseat...pack up the diaper bag...go get gas...go get some 22 miles to my husband and cop on the side of the road. Did I forget to mention he had my 3 year old with him? The great thing about small towns is that the cops are usually laid back. I pull up and Richard is standing on the side of the road with the officer just chatting it up. Carter is in the truck singing (at least he's happy). The officer then instructs me on where to go to pay the ticket because unfortunately he has to take the hubby in (we won't say where). Then he continues to tell me where to go to pick him up after the ticket is paid. I must admit he was extremely nice. So off I go with my two sons to go pay the ticket. I look at the time and it's only 12:15. That's perfect! Lets go pay this thing and go get Richard and still make it home by 1:30. Wrong! Lunch time is from 12-1. Seriously?! Grrrrrrrr! So we sit, and we wait. I call our ECI lady and tell her I have to reschedule. She tells me it may be a while before they can come out again (Insert sad face here). She tells me she will call me back. I still haven't heard from her.

The good news is that the ticket was taken care of, we all got home okay and we have a total appointment free week now. I suppose there will be plenty of time for therapies and I should take the free snuggle time when I can get it! Lesson to all...take care of your tickets.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

That's A Wrap!

It was a pretty low key weekend around these parts, which is fine by me since our schedule has been so hectic. Camden seems to be doing better on the thickened feeds, but now he won't eat as much. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it to! I'm assuming it has to do with the added calories from the rice that's making him full. I can tell he's put on some weight in the past few days which would be great if it wasn't most likely due to the empty calories. I think I'm going to call the SLP and see what other kind of thickener we can use. Feeding is a really is. Feeding time should be this magical bonding time between a mother and her son. Well, that's not the case here. I'm positive Camden dreads it as much as I do sometimes. It takes about half an hour to get down 2-3 ounces and he thinks it's a great idea to keep falling asleep. Drink half an ounce...jostle him awake...burp. That's the routine. Everyone keep telling me "this too shall pass". I just wish it was more pleasurable for the both of us. At least he's eating right?!

Saturday and Sunday I got some much needed adult time. We had a few friends over Saturday and cooked out. It was nice to sit around a camp fire, chat and even drink a beer (or two). Sunday I went to a wrap party hosted by my dear friend Lynne. Even though I had two boys in was nice to just get out of the house. This was the first time that these friends got to meet Camden. I have to admit that I was a little nervous. In the back of my mind I wondered if they could see the features of Ds in Camden. I wondered what they were thinking when they held him. It's silly...I know. All my worries were quickly shoved aside when I saw how much they adored him! They held him and loved on him and treated him just like their own. I was secretly crying tears of joy inside. I don't know why I thought it would be any different because these girls are amazing! He has the best Aunties in the world! Another thing I worry about is if I should tell people that don't know that he has Ds. There were a few girls there I had never met and when they would look at Camden and comment on how cute he was, I felt the urge to blurt out "he has Down syndrome". I don't know why this is. I've had this conversation with my husband before and he of course thinks I'm crazy for wanting to tell everyone. In my mind the conversation always goes:

Stranger: "He's so cute!"
Me: "He has Down syndrome."

Where in the heck is the conversation supposed to go from there? How awkward is that? I'm the one who keeps saying that I want people to treat my son as Camden, not a diagnosis. Maybe I should lead be example. I'm getting there...really I am.

The body wraps are from a company called It Works. They have a large line of products such as fat burning pills, detox powders and firming gels. You apply one of the wraps to a body area of your choosing---there were many for me to pick from---and I chose the tummy. The wrap is infused with a botanically based formula that is supposed to tone, firm and tighten the problem area in 45 minutes. You repeat the application in 72 hours. I saw the before and after pictures and I must say I'm impressed. I'm excited to try the "greens" product which is a detoxifying, alkalizing powder. You mix the powder with water into a smoothie like drink and it gives you 8 servings of fruit and vegetables, promotes pH balance and has 3 herbs and nutrient rich "super foods". This is great for me since my diet is definitely lacking in these things. I'm super excited to see the results!

All in all it was a great weekend and tomorrow we get back to the grind and have our first ECI evaluation. I'm anxious about that one!