Monday, March 11, 2013

Fish, Fish and More Fish

This past week has been great. We didn't have ANY appointments since Monday was cancelled...ahem ahem...we won't mention any names. Since we had some free time the two boys and I took the 2 hour drive to Flower Mound to go visit my dad and step mom. We have not been back there since Camden was discharged from the NICU, which was about a month ago. A visit was long overdue. We headed out there on Tuesday after Carter got out of school. I always look forward to visiting because I get to get away from the boonies and join civilization for a few days. I knew ahead of time that I wanted to take Carter to Grapevine Mills to the aquarium. We haven't had any time with just us two, so I wanted to seize the opportunity. The first day and a half at my dad's house was filled with pure relaxation and a trip to Target. I could spend hours in Target...that's how much I love that store! I guess it's a good thing that the closest one to me is almost an hour away. On Thursday my wonderful step mom offered to watch Camden so Carter and I could have our mommy and son date. We get to the aquarium and we are done in, oh, let's say 30 minutes. That wasn't long enough. At $20 a ticket I told Carter he better get in there and at least pretend he's looking at some fish! Well, he didn't like that suggestion and decided to throw a fit and demand that I feed him. I swear he tells people that I starve him. We go eat lunch in the mall and do some much needed shopping. Of course I buy nothing for myself and always buy for the boys, but hey, that's what it's all about. I also got some much needed rest all thanks to my step mom. She took over several feedings and I must admit it was nice to get some sleep. Friday we packed up and headed back to Graford to get ready for the weekend because my mom was coming to visit. She lives a little over an hour away and she likes to come down and spend the night and just get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. We love when Grandma comes! If any of you know my know she's a hoot! It doesn't hurt that she loves to clean my house too!




We also got to go to Keetin's birthday party Saturday who turned 5. Carter would much rather play with Keetin's little sister Jaicey. He's a ladies man! ;)


Don't think my hubby was lonely and sad while we were gone. This time of year my quality time with Richard is divided between me and the fish. Yep you read right...the fish. Richard has always loved to fish. He gets giddy when spring rolls around because its trot line time. Forget good ol fashion rod and reels. I call this the lazy way of fishing...but he has assured me several times it is not. This is the way I would describe have one long heavy duty piece of tie each end to a tree branch (that's in the water) or something of the sorts...hang a bunch of hooks from this string about 18 inches apart...then put bait on each hook. Then you just leave it in the water and wait for the fish to bite. In this case, channel or blue cat. You can leave this trot line in the water for weeks, or even months if you wanted to I suppose. He goes each morning to check the lines...then baits the hooks again..then repeat the next day. Apparently his hard work has paid off because he has been catching some whoppers! I mean 30-40 pound catfish! This makes him...happy happy happy. So, even though the darn fish steal my husband away, at least I have a freezer full of fish! Yum!



This week we have two appointments, one each with the cardiologist and pulmonologist. Pulmonology should just be for his synagis vaccine (this will be the last one for this year) and hopefully we can say goodbye to Dr. D for a few months at least. Even though I get anxious about the cardiology appts, I also get equally as excited. Each time I'm expecting to hear that the hole is getting smaller and smaller and then one day I hope to be told it is closed. I know it will happen...I have faith! We have an ENT appointment next week but I honestly can't decide if I should cancel it. I'm getting mentally exhausted trying to "fix" Camden and I think he is doing rather well. The only reason why this appt was made is because of his floppy airway. I'm quite certain he has something called layrngomalacia but I guess I feel the need to have it confirmed. Treatment of choice is usually letting them "grow out of it" unless it is causing complications with breathing (apnea and oxygenation). I know he does not have apnea issues due to the fact he spent eight weeks in the NICU and did not have one apnea episode. So, I'm thinking I should let this one go and wait it out. Why add more to our plate if unnecessary?! We also have our first local Ds group get together in a couple of weeks, ECI evaluation, 4 month check up, starting back to work (boo), and birthdays and anniversary coming up. It's going to be a busy month!




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  1. OK that swaddle picture cracks me up! Even though her only spent a couple years in Texas, I think it is in his blood, my husband would be insanely jealous of those fishing pics. ;)