Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Why" ?

My mother in law and I left church together driving home from "Christian Missions" in Jacksboro, Texas {Awesome Church BTW} several weeks back and she looked at me and asked; "Richard, why do you think God would give you and Diane a baby with Down Syndrome? You are Christians, you both work hard, you both try to excel? Why"?

The day he was born, deep in my gut when I saw him placed on the table, some small something for a split second didn't seem right. This is the first time I have expressed this; I dispelled it, and life went on. Then, a week later, the "train wrecked" and I found out he had DS. I was very upset! I asked WHY?

Looking back, I was upset not that my son has DS, but for feeling sorry for myself. The good news is, IT didn't last long! I know that God doesn't make mistakes and was soon over that struggle. I look at him and all I see is an "Angel". "Angels" are different, and I am blessed to have four sons, all different in their own ways!

OK : Back to the question? WHY? I looked at him and instantly it came to me! It came to me through the same question the disciples asked Jesus when they came upon a blind man and asked, " Lord, was it the father's sins or the mother's sins that caused this person to be blind? WHY? "

The answer is unmistakable! Jesus said, "It is neither, this child was born this way to allow my Father's glory to be Shown!" That is WHY!


  1. I like this so much. So, so much. ♥

    1. I thought he was going to write a long serious post, but I'm glad he wrote this. By the way, he said he's going to start telling people that the Ds is a side effect of his medications. ;) He enjoyed your post!

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    1. I'm glad it made you smile did me too!