Sunday, April 7, 2013

To Change Or Not To Change: Part 2

First of all, the answer to the question, " To change or not to change part 2" ?  My answer is simple : "how dare me"? How dare me to stare into my son's eyes {like I did yesterday all day} and question what God has given us. How dare people to question God's work in a critical way. Just because a package is different doesn't mean the present inside isn't just as special - some more so!

We have posted all over our home Proverbs 3: 5- 6 . Incidentally, the man who wrote this when asked from God himself what he would like? "Ask anything, and I will give it"! states God. He asked for Wisdom - he is considered the wisest man to have ever lived - King Solomon.

The verse says : " Lean not on your own understanding but in all things trust in God and he will lay your paths in front of you!". As for me, I would not change a THING!


A Proud Dad!


  1. So true. I think Camden has a very wise Daddy. :)

    1. I think this mommy needs to learn from daddy. I'm grateful that he keeps me sane! And for my cyber sisters too! ;)

    2. Those husbands come in handy sometimes, don't they? ;)