Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Day Is It?

Really...what is today? Wednesday or Thursday? All the days have been running together this last week. I wouldn't really say we have been busy, but just sick. Poor Camden has been sick since Easter Sunday. It started with a stuffy nose (he's always stuffy but more so now) and an occasional cough. All of our allergies had started acting up so I figured he just had a little cold. Finally last Thursday I went ahead and took him to a walk in pedi office close to our house. Dr. Marsh is our regular pedi but his office is 50 minutes away and I didn't want to drive that far since the weather was kind of yucky. There is a new pedi that just came to town and was taking walk ins until the practice becomes established. I saw this as an opportunity to see if maybe it was worth switching pedis so we wouldn't have to drive so far. Eh...not really impressed. It wasn't bad, but I didn't really feel like it was a good fit so we will continue to see Dr M who we really like. Anyhow, this doc said that Camden had a cold and there wasn't much else to do. Okay...I accept that. No problem. So we went home and continued to do the same things to make him comfortable. Every once in a while he would seem like he was doing better, but then the next day it was back to square one. He was eating okay and was just super stuffy with a really junky cough. He would also wheeze every now and then, but in general seemed happy. He then started throwing up a little bit after some of his feeds. I think it's due to the mucus he's got in there. The other day I decided to take him to Cook's urgent care in Southlake since I was staying at my dad's and he just wasn't getting better. They thought he had RSV when they first assessed him but the test came back negative. His oxygen saturation was around 95% which was great, so no worries there. They suctioned his nose twice (like way back in there) and got A Lot of snot out. I'm sure that had to make him feel a little bit better. They did a chest x-ray which showed a little bit of yucky stuff in there, but nothing that indicated pneumonia. Yay! He got an Albuterol breathing treatment which seemed to help some and that was pretty much all that could be done. They diagnosed him with bronchiolitis which is just a fancy shmancy term for a respiratory virus. That and RSV usually go hand in hand and I've seen it land a lot of young babies in the hospital, so I'm glad we can manage it at home. We were sent home with a nebulizer and a prescription for albuterol and steroids. I'm hesitant to use the albuterol since it does make your heart race and can make you jittery. I just don't want to do anything to aggravate his VSD. I think I'll just use it if he really needs it. Last night and today he seems worse. He's throwing up more and sounds soooo yucky! He's also pretty fussy...which he never is. I feel so helpless because I don't know what to do to help him. I think it's just going to take a little bit longer for him to get over illnesses. It doesn't help that this momma is sick too. I'm just hoping Carter can stay well.

I will now move on to our therapy update. Oh wait...there isn't one. We have now had 4 lovely young ladies come out to the house and have yet to have one single therapy session. Last Friday our service coordinator and SST (which is another name for a developmental therapist) came out. I rushed to clean the house again...and even mopped AND vacuumed. Please don't think I don't ever clean, I just don't do it as meticulously or frequently like I used to. I'm hoping I'll become more comfortable with these therapists eventually and won't feel the need to scrub my house each time they come. Camden was still feeling a little sick, but I really didn't want to cancel since we are so behind with starting all this. So I was ready. I moved the coffee table out of the way, put a blanket down on the carpet, and we were going to show these ladies what Camden could do. Well...all we did was talk. We talked about what our goals are for Camden and what types of therapists would be working with him. Seriously?! It was like deja vu only with 2 different women. I know I'm a tad bit crazy these days, but I'm pretty sure we did this at the first meeting. It's a good thing his daddy and I try to work with him daily. Maybe one of these days I can tell you how his therapy sessions went.

Since Camden and I have been sick Carter has been spending lots of time with Daddy. He's been "helping" him at work and the two are connected at the hip. The other day Richard and Carter were sitting out by the stock tank shooting turtles. Apparently the turtles eat the fish so you have to get rid of them. You can't live out here and be a major animal lover! Carter is crying in one of the pictures because I interfered with his time with daddy. Sheesh.


  1. Poor little bug! He does look sick. :( I'm jealous of Carter. If we visit can I learn how to shoot turtles? I'm not that sentimental, I can take it!

    1. Come on Jisun! We would love to have you visit. My husband could show you all sorts of stuff to shoot. :)

  2. Haha, you might regret saying that!