Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"I wore a tie"

Dad here...

For years and years I wore a tie; and I have a son with Down syndrome. I worked in the Corporate world and the tie seemed to command presence, respect, acknowledgement. When going into public places, people seemed to be friendly and smile. I suppose the tie gave the perception of success.

I now am self employed, dirty and if lucky wear a $2 shirt; and I have a son with Down syndrome. The same public places I venture now get different glances; glances with frowns, glances of non acknowledgement and shuns. Can you imagine a child a little different, a little special, and the looks they get?

As I age, I have learned looks and perception mean very little to me. What is important is Salvation, Family and Friends. I too years ago would probably have viewed Down syndrome a little differently. After all, I wore a tie, I have three older sons whom excel, whom stand out in a lot of ways, a lot like the tie.

Now, with my "dirty shirt", I cannot express the feelings I get staring into the eyes of my son with Down syndrome. The innocence, the good looks, the smile. I have learned packages come in many shapes and sizes, and what a blessing it is to have this child! I see children now with a "specialty" and instantly a smile comes to my face.

I wouldn't change a thing. Down syndrome is a blessing. God always has a purpose, even though sometimes we don't know exactly what it is. In the Bible, time and again the "special package" is always the stand out. John the Baptist wore a Burlap sack; King David was a runt; Jesus hung with sinners. I view Down syndrome as I do that tie, that the looks and the perception mean very little. Its whats inside that matters. And by the way, if you need any ties, please feel free to email.


  1. Beautiful post. That last paragraph, perfect. Loved this :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I had to edit to make sure people knew it was dad. I don't wear ties and I'm definitely not that good of a writer. :)

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    1. Thanks Amber! I'll have to tell Richard! :)