Friday, June 14, 2013

An Ounce and A Giggle

I feel like the weight issue is a never ending battle. Camden had started to gain weight again since we began fortifying his milk a month ago. At his six month check up he was 13 lbs 5 oz and had gained seven ounces since his last weight check two weeks prior. So, I thought this was finally working and he would continue to gain, even if it is slowly. However, I didn't think it would be this slow. We had our first GI appointment with Dr. C this week. As much as I didn't want to go down this route, it became necessary as Camden's reflux has been making him so uncomfortable. The first thing they do of course is get a weight. I really thought he was about 14 pounds because he just felt bigger. Imaging my surprise when we put him on the scale and he is only 13 lbs 6 oz. Seriously?! The poor boy gained one whole stinking ounce in two weeks time. I'm pretty sure an average of two ounces a month is not going to cut it. I was bummed. I kind of feel like I'm failing him in a way. Dr. C was very positive about everything and said he wasn't really concerned at this point since everything looks good in the big picture. He tested for blood in his stool to see if he possibly had a milk protein allergy that would be causing the reflux. It came back negative which was no surprise since he has had no other symptoms. At least we don't have to start dishing out cash for the pricey formula. He wants us to start fortifying his milk to 24 calories now instead of 22. Dr. C also started him on Nexium for his reflux. Yay! This is the real reason I wanted to get GI involved. Maybe starting this will make Camden more comfortable and he will start to eat more. The dietician at the office just wants us to do weight checks now every couple of weeks to see if this is working. The good thing is we can just call her when he gets weighed with the dietician from ECI at the end of this month so we don't have to drive back up to the office. I feel like we have driven all over town this month for doctor's appointments. Oh well, it's just part of it!

They have a great indoor play area in the hospital
so I took Carter by there for a bit since he had
to come along.

Camden also had his first swim experience this week. I really thought he would not like it since he is not a fan of baths. He did so great! The cold water didn't phase him a bit. I put him in the float and he was perfectly happy. I guess this means we will have a lot more pool dates this summer!

Waiting to go swim

Just relaxin!

Yesterday Camden giggled for the first time. I actually cried because I was so excited! He has been so close to doing it and I've been trying so hard to make him laugh. It was the sweetest sound. I know some may not understand why this is such a big deal, and I really can't explain it sometimes. Any milestone Camden reaches (whether it's social, physical, cognitive, etc) is a huge thing in the Hill house. It is celebrated with so much joy and love. This baby boy works so hard everyday for things that come natural to others. I am so incredibly proud of him in every way!


  1. Oh, that last picture is soooo sweet! Sorry to hear the weight issue is still a struggle, that would be frustrating. Hang in there!

    Aw, first giggles, that's exciting! We celebrate everything Russell accomplishes in a huge way...Because like you said, our kids work so much harder for the little things that come so easy to others. They deserve to be celebrated :)

    1. Thanks Jenny. I'm tired of being nervous at weight checks. :) Hopefully we can put that behind us soon!