Sunday, June 9, 2013

Class of 2013

Friday we watched my step son, Rylie, graduate from high school. Wow! It is so hard to believe that Ryan and Rylie are no longer little boys. They are becoming men. I have only had the pleasure of being in their lives for about seven years now, and it's been amazing to watch them grow up. I was so excited for this day to come because it would be the first time that all of the Hill boys would be together since Camden's birth. Ryan has been away at school, and when he was home for the holidays Camden was in the hospital. This would finally get to meet. Richard held Camden most of the time when we got there. He was very comfy in daddy's arms and was just taking it all in. I thought for sure since he was being held that he would be happy as usual. Wrong! I don't know if it was all the commotion and loud noises that got to him or if it was something else, but he did not like it! So, when they began to say the prayer, Camden decided to show everyone just how loud he could scream. It was quite embarrassing (although Richard thought it was hilarious). I decided to take him to the tennis courts to walk around while Carter and Richard stayed to watch the ceremony. The good thing was that the graduation was outside so I could still hear everything that was going on. Once Camden fell asleep, I made my way back up the bleachers to go sit down. He remained asleep for the rest of the ceremony.

Carter was such a good boy, from what I hear, and it was probably due to hanging out with his big bubba Ryan and sweet Kenley. Kenley is Ryan's girlfriend's daughter and is just a doll. They got along fabulously and kept each other entertained the whole evening. I hope they can spend more time with each other this summer before everyone goes off to school.


This was right before the ceremony started when everyone was still happy.


Rylie graduated with honors and with several college credits already under his belt. We are so proud of you Rylie! He will be joining his brother in Austin this fall for college.

This was Ryan just a short 3 years ago with Carter at his graduation.

This is Rylie with Carter now. It's so crazy how time flies and how much these kids grow up.

Another thing I was excited about that night was meeting Ryan's girlfriend. They have been together for a long while now, but for some reason we just had not met her yet. I must say she's even more beautiful in person and just the sweetest thing ever. They really do make such a great couple and I hope she sticks around for a long forever. Sorry Ryan, no pressure.

This is our first picture of Richard and all of his kids. I know I'm biased, but he sure does produce some good looking boys! I think this was one of the few pictures Carter was actually smiling in. The boy does not like cameras.

Ryan and Camden finally meet.

A family picture of all of us.


It was such a great night and it was exciting to see Rylie start a new chapter in his life. I'm so incredibly proud of all the boys. I love them all and look forward to spending more time with them this summer.