Sunday, August 4, 2013


This past week has been so busy but pretty awesome. In fact, it's been one of the best weeks in a really long time. I think once I decided to let myself breathe and enjoy life again, my eyes were opened up to the beauty of each day.

We had a couple of therapy sessions this week with one of those being with an occupational therapist. They finally made it out to do their evaluation after fighting with it for about five months now. After she did her evaluation she showed me a few exercises to start helping him more with reaching for and grasping objects. We also talked about oral motor exercises that we could start doing to help with speech. She said he was doing really great overall. She also said she was very suprised at how well he is doing. What does that mean exactly? I'm not sure what she was expecting when she came over. I'm sure it was meant as a compliment, but a part of me was kind of irritated. I think it's because I feel like just because he has Ds he is expected to not be able to do things and will always be underestimated. Maybe I'm not making any sense. Anyhow, she said they will start coming out twice a month for now which is great.

The highlight of our week was getting to spend some time with my good friend Jess and her new baby boy O. We have been friends for several years now and a couple of years ago she decided to leave me and move to Australia with her new hubby. Pout. I haven't seen her since she left and this is the first time she was able to make it back here for a visit. As excited as I was about metting baby O, I was a little bit anxious as well. I haven't really had Camden around any typically developing babies close to his age lately so I haven't had to do the whole comparison game. I didn't want to get down about all the things Camden wasn't able to do yet and ruin our visit. Surprisingly, it did not phase me a bit! I think I was so excited to meet this sweet boy that it didn't matter at all. I was just so happy to see these two boys playing (well maybe just hanging out) together.

Having dude conversations.

Even though he was surrounded by babies 
he still had a great time!

I can't wait for this girl to move back!

We also had another weight check this week. I don't know if I wrote about the last one but Camden was 14 lbs 11 oz two weeks ago. We had gotten to a point where he was consistently gaining about four to five ounces a week so we let out a sigh of relief and felt pretty proud of ourselves for getting him back on track. Well, this week I just had that "feeling" that the scale was not going to show us what we wanted. I actually thought he may have lost weight. Apparently my gut feeling was right because he was only 14 lbs 8 oz. He did lose three ounces. Again, I was very suprised at myself because I did not get upset. Maybe it was because I was already expecting it, or maybe it's because I'm just getting a bit better about all of this. I figure if it's just one set back then we can handle that. If he continues to lose weight then we have a bigger problem. We won't even worry about that right now. The pediatrician suggested that we up his milk intake during the day and I just kind of chuckled inside. People just don't realize how hard it is to get the milk in him that we do and him stay comfortable after. He basically said since there were so many people following this issue that he would just let the GI doctor let me know what he wants us to do. We have not talked to them yet and right now I don't think there is much to do besdies what we are already doing. We are now adding coconut oil to his baby foods to increase calories so hopefully that will help.

The boy loves pancakes! He had his first table food a couple of days ago. Now, I know a lot of you already have already heard this story and seen the picture, so I'm sorry for the repeat. I honestly haven't tried to give him anything other than purees because we had just started solids. I wanted to wait until he was eating a little bit more baby food before moving on to something more. He kept eye balling Carter's pancakes at breasfast the other day. He would watch Carter as he put each bite into his mouth. So, I thought I would let him try. Oh my gosh! That boy gobbled up that pancake like nobody's business! I think the boy loves him some real food! This is good because now I can incorporate more foods into his diet and maybe that will help with the weight issue as well. I was so excited because I know feeding issues are common with kiddos with Ds. This is not to say there won't be issues later, but for now it's seems that all is good in the food department.

He was so excited and mama was so proud!

That pretty much sums up our week we had. This week we go on vacation and we are all excited beyond words. We need this! I'm even more excited that I'm meeting some of my cyber sisters and Camden's cyber buds. There will be many pictures to come!


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again--I love ths dude!!! He's such a charmer! I'm glad you've found some peace within and able to enjoy your days lately. Have a super fun vacation.

    1. Thanks Crystal! ;) I'm going to ride this rainbow and unicorn high for as long as I possibly can!

  2. He sure is a cutie :)

    And I know what you mean about feeling kind of irritated by that comment. I find people are always shocked to see Russell is just like any other kid. They seem surprised that he is intelligent. I find most people fully expect to see him like a vegetable because that is the outdated view of Ds they have in their heads. So ya, comments like the one you mentioned bother me too!!