Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Turn it Off"

I know just enough about genetic harvesting, genetic manipulation, genetic re-structuring to write an opinion about what I do know about : My son with "Down Syndrome". Folks mention to me, "hey, they (which I always wonder who "they" are) are experimenting on reworking the extra Chromosome", in essence changing my baby into a "Normal Baby". So, for lack of a better spin on things, turning off down syndrome.

Well, who said I am interested? Who said I want to change my son into one of us, a "normal" human being? One who is born into this world innocent and then at an age of accountability (in which mine occurred soon) has sin come pouring in! Us "normal folks" are good at the sin thing. But, my son and his future is innocence, purity, happiness, lack of judging, all the good things which come natural to him and "them" and come so hard for us?

All of us have forgiveness through Jesus, none of us "normal" folks deserving it. I have a strange opinion to some, but I think these "angels" drop through the cracks of heaven and fall into the homes of us lucky ones!

So, in summary, I am not going to get into Genetics, as I know can have some mixed responses. What I am going to end with is this: Maybe instead of our society wanting to "turn it off" as far as with Down Syndrome, maybe we all should learn from them and "turn ON" their good qualities in all of us!!!

EDIT: This was written by dad.  I'm not that good.  ;)


  1. I have had mixed feelings on the whole topic but my Husbands first and only response was, he wouldn't do anything to change Russell and he wasn't interested in hearing about any of these new findings at all.
    The last paragraph of this post sums things up perfectly :)

    1. I'm definitely with you Jenny. There still is a part of me that would take Ds away only because of the struggles that come with it. My husband has never wanted to. I'm glad he feels that way because I think it keeps me sane and grounded!