Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21: Kaitlin

Meet Kaitlin! She is 8 years old.

Biggest challenge Ds has brought to her family: Our biggest struggle related to Down syndrome right now is she knows that kids her age read and write! And she still struggles to write; it is very hard for her, and she works on this daily. She also doesn't read as well as them. (She is reading sight words, but just not the same books as most second-graders.) She wants to be just like them, invited over to play and to parties. She loves parties!! She understands and listens more than you realize. Her receptive language is about the same as most 7 to 8 year olds, but her expressive language is a few years behind. This makes it hard for friends, as some kids think she is a lot younger because she doesn't talk as clearly as them. You really have to listen to understand her, and if you ask her, she'll tell you if you got what she was saying or not.

Coolest thing about Kaitlin: If you've met Kaitlin, you can't forget her!! She is a fun-loving little girl who loves to play, swim, ride horses, and give full body hugs (that's what we call them.) When she hugs you, it's from her heart, and you can feel it. She loves people and always wants a party!! If it was up to her, we'd have a nonstop parade of friends and relatives visiting and sleeping over. She also loves to sing, especially in church! One of her favorite songs to sing is Building 429--"Where I Belong."


  1. Kaitlin sure looks like a lot of fun! Hi!!

    1. Doesn't she though?! I want to go hang out with her! :)