Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25: Rosalie and Ada

Meet Rosalie! She is 9 months old.

Biggest challenge Ds has brought to her family: The greatest challenge with Roaslie has been her medical issues--and we don't know whether they're Down syndrome-related or not. But the good has FAR outweighed the bad.

Coolest thing about Rosalie: In those first two weeks of Rosalie's life, we would rock her in the NICU, so unsure of what our future with her would be like. If I had only known... This child is the absolute light of our lives. There is no brighter smile or sweeter sound than her laugh. I wish everyone could experience what we have been blessed with. We are looking forward to watching this sweet child grow into a beautiful young woman!

Rosalie has neutropenia (a low neutrophil count which makes up the majority of your white blood cells). White blood cells are needed to fight off illness and infections. So, basically sweet Rosalie can get sick very easily, and when she does get sick it is harder to fight off the illness unlike you and I. I know that her family is working on finding out more answers in hopes of getting this treated and under control. Her mommy has to keep her inside the house pretty much all the time because of her increased risks of getting sick. I feel very attached to this sweet girl and I have not even met her in person. She holds a special place in my heart. You can follow Rosalie's journey here

Meet Ada! She is 9 months old.

Biggest challenge Ds has brought to her family: The biggest challenge has been that we've had to adjust to a busy life with therapy and other engagements/appointments, but that can also be fun!

Coolest thing about Ada: She and her brother had an instant sibling bond. They love each other and can constantly be found holding hands.

Miss Ada was also born with a cleft palate. This happens when the plates of the skull that form the hard palate (roof of the mouth) are not completely joined. This makes feeding difficult and therefore Ada has to use a special bottle right now. She will have surgery in the next year to have this repaired. I'm pretty fond of this little girl as well. She is an absolute doll! 

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