Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 29: Jordyn, Beatrice, Enzo

Meet Jordyn! She is 20 months old.

Biggest challenge Ds has brought to her family: Getting her motivated to crawl and walk. Like every stubborn child, she likes to do things on her own time.

Coolest thing about Jordyn: She's a very happy, smiley child. It is so contagious. Everyone loves her!

And also: Jordyn is a little actress/model. She was on Glee as Sue Sylvester's baby. She did print ads for Disney baby this year. And recently she participated in the Everybody Plays photo shoot for Infantino and Step 2.

Meet Beatrice! She is 2 1/2 years old.

Biggest challenge Ds has brought to her family: She is our fourth child, so fitting in all the therapy appointments is hard! She has a busier activity calendar than her three older brothers!

Coolest thing about Beatrice: She has taught us to live in today and soak up every moment. Life is not a race.

Meet Enzo! He is 27 months old.

Biggest challenge Ds has brought to his family: We have had medical challenges and developmental challenges, but who doesn't have that with their child, typical or special needs?

Coolest thing about Enzo: He was a miracle! A surprise! He is our first born and born with an extra-special chromosome of love! Enzo has a little brother, Eli, that he loves very much. We can see in Enzo's eyes that he can't wait for Eli to be big enough to play. Both boys are loved unconditionally! Enzo has his own page, at This is a page to share with people what it is like to raise a child with Down syndrome. We feel the best way to spread awareness is by sharing our life. Had we known it was going to be so much fun, maybe we wouldn't have cried as much when we first found out that he had Down syndrome. Enzo is a handful, but we don't mind chasing him down. He has taught us so much, and we--yes, we, the parents--are continuing to learn so much from Enzo. What have we learned? Life is beautiful, and there is just so much love to share!

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