Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 4: Luca

Meet Luca! He had a birthday a couple of days ago and is now the big 1 year old!

Biggest challenge Ds has brought to his family: Ds brought his infantile spasms. 8-10% of children with Ds develop IS, and Luca is one of them. Seeing his developmental regressions, the loss of his smiles and laugh, and how much the spasms bother him have been tough for all of us.

Coolest thing about Luca: Luca is one tough kid who makes those around him better people by bringing out their inner compassion and empathy. He helps people slow down and realize what their true priorities are in life. And he makes some pretty sweet raspberries!

Some of you may remember that I mentioned Luca in a post a while back. Not only is he dealing with IS, but he is having other types of seizures on top of that. I remember Luca's mom saying that it was devastating watching her son just suddenly lose consciousness. They are trying a ketogenic diet to see if that will help with the spasms and they will see more specialists to hopefully find some answers. Please keep them in your prayers and you can read more about Luca's journey here.


  1. Sweet boy. Praying they find some answers.

  2. Luca is always in my thoughts. I sure hope he gets better very soon.