Friday, November 15, 2013

Feeding And Teething

I wasn't sure when Camden would get his first tooth because I have heard kiddos with Ds tend to get teeth later. I'm not sure what the reason is for that (I probably read it somewhere and forgot) but that's what I've been told. Camden has been chewing on things since he was just a few months old and I never knew if it was due to teething or just wanting to chew. Well, now I KNOW he is teething. He woke up the other day with flushed cheeks and screaming like crazy. This is unusual for him. As he was yelling and telling me all about it I saw a huge swollen bump on his bottom gums. I was so excited but clearly the boy was not! This has been going on for a couple of days now and the tooth has yet to break through. It's close though. My baby will have his first tooth soon!

Feeding has been going better around here and that's a huge relief! It feels like Camden has never really wanted to eat and only did it just to survive. We started baby foods a while ago but he was never really that interested. Some days he did good, and others he just flat out refused. We have only been doing breakfast and dinner for a while because he never seemed hungry. I guess in the last two weeks he decided he loved food and has been eating so much better! He now gets three meals a day with some snacks. He has cut down on his milk intake and I guess it's because he's eating more. He still eats mostly puréed foods because his mommy is a chicken and is afraid of giving solid foods. I'm terrified of him choking for some reason. I never had this problem with Carter, but it scares me with Camden. He has had a few bites of real food and did just fine, so I think I need to get over it. We have also been working really hard with a straw sippy cup for a while now. We do the straw because it is supposed to help with the oral muscles which is good for speech. I think that's right. I could be wrong on that too. I just know the straw is good for development. He has had no interest in this for the past few months. I wasn't sure if he knew what to do. Within the last week he has figured it out. I have to hold it for him, but he will slurp that liquid up. Now we just have to work on him holding the handles and doing it himself. 

Now that Camden can sit he is able to do so much more. We went to lunch with Kennedy and her mommy last week and he was able to sit up in a highchair for the very first time at a restaurant! We usually have to keep him in his car seat and he always gets agitated. Now he can join us at the table. He and Kenni sat next to eachother and had tons of fun even though they didn't pay attention to each other at all. 

We put our Christmas tree and decorations up this week. I know it's a bit early, but we weren't able to do this last year so we are extremely excited about it this year. Carter is at such a great age right now because he wants to be a part of everything. The look of excitement on his face is priceless. We have lots of great plans for the holidays and I'm so thankful that our family will be together this year.

Camden started up his Synagis shots this month. He will get one a month until March. As much as I don't like driving all the way to appointments, I don't mind this one because it will help to keep him healthy this winter. It's a good thing he is easily entertained and doesn't mind chilling in the waiting room!

Next week is his ENT appointment. I believe his doctor will decide if we are going to do tubes now or not. I'm okay if he does need them, but I worry about sedation and his heart. I'm sure it's fine, but you know how I stress about EVERYHTING! I hope the fluid in his ears is the reason for his lack of babbling. He still only makes the ba ba ba sound and just laughs at me when I work with him to make other sounds. One step at a time...that's what I try to tell myself. 


  1. Eeeeek the photo of him in overalls!! I'm glad he's eating better and doing so well. Eating seems to be such a struggle for some of us moms. Baxter got tubes about 6 weeks ago and we have noticed SUCH a big change in him. He was always a babbler, but he makes more sounds now and definitely hears better. It's a make a big difference especially since he can only hear out of one of his ears anyway!

    Oh and yay for toofs!

    1. Thanks Crystal! I'm really hoping tubes will help. He has failed his last two hearing tests and they think it's due to fluid. He will have an ABR at the same time as tubes (if he gets them) so that will give us more answers. Just ready for some more noises! ;)

  2. He looks so grown up sitting there in that high chair :)

    1. Doesn't he though?! It's crazy how they change so much within a year. He's not a little baby anymore. Well, not as little anyway. ;)