Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Photo Bomb!

I haven't had much time to write in the last couple of months, but I hope that will change after the new year once things slow down a bit. I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I don't want to fill this post with a bunch of words because I have so many photos I wanted to share from this past month. 

Carter always enjoys the shark at Bass Pro.

Bass Pro has a carousel that the kids can ride for free at Christmas time.

Camden was such a trooper shopping with mommy!

We love going to the Gaylord Texan because it's so pretty during Christmas and they 
have some fun activities for the kiddos.

This was mom's attempt at trying to take some holiday photos at home. I wish I was a better photographer!

Ryan and Janeth on Christmas Eve. 

Janeth and Camden

Rylie and Camden

Kenley and Carter. They are so sweet together!

It was so great that Ryan and Rylie were both here on Christmas Eve. It's been a long time since
all the boys have been together!

Ryan and Camden

The four brothers. Much love there!

Some of our Christmas pictures we had taken of the boys.

This one is my favorite!

Christmas morning before they ripped into their presents.

He was much more excited about the wrapping paper than the toys!

Carter was definitely more excited about his toys!

The most popular gift of the day was this car. Not only does Camden love it, but apparently Carter does too. At least it will get some good use!


  1. Loved all the pictures! Your boys are absolutely beautiful, such precious pictures of them :)

  2. Lots of great photos! I loved the one you dubbed your favorite two guys surely love each other. The whole family pic was a special one too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I laugh at myself now for worrying that Carter and Camden wouldn't be close. I couldn't have been more wrong! :)

  3. So cute! Baxter liked the wrapping paper more, too! You have a wonderful family Diane.

    1. Thanks Crystal! B and Cam would have a blast together with paper! :)

  4. Super duper cute!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks girl! I hope you all had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

  5. Oh my word. Those boys are growing like weeds! What a beautiful family, mama. Hugs from California!

    1. Hey stranger! ;) Hope you and the family enjoyed the holidays. I meant to text you and forgot! Hope you're coming out of hiding now! ;)