Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bad Hair Day

We started off the new year with a first haircut. I've been going back and forth about cutting Camden's hair for a while now. Most of you know that he had a lot of hair. It was pretty long in the back with some curl. He had some high maintenance hair for a baby. It would get so tangled several times a day so I had to use leave in conditioner and detanglers. He would scream when I combed the back of his hair because it was such a mess. All that aside, he had really pretty hair. I think I finally decided to cut it after he was called a beautiful little girl a gazillion times. Anyone who does not know Camden thinks he's a girl. I'm not exaggerating. One day a couple of weeks ago he was called a girl five times in a 30 minute span. This happens daily. I think a lot of it was because of his hair. I know it shouldn't matter, but it just really started to bug me. I already get so many other rude or annoying comments from strangers, I really don't want to hear more. Even my own mother kept saying he looked like a girl. Anyway, we decided to cut it. I didn't want to cut it all off because he has such great hair. I decided to have them cut the back short and leave the rest the length of his bangs. Well, that didn't look too great. He ended up with a chili bowl and I was so sad and frustrated so I just had them stop and leave if the way it is. It definitely wasn't the big first haircut moment that I imagined. He's still my handsome BOY though, and the good thing about hair is that you can change it anytime!

Before...waiting to get it cut

During the cut

Fake smile from mom after the cut

We made the decision to pull Carter out of his preschool this year. I really didn't want to and we tried to avoid it, but he was missing too many days. Doctor's appointments and therapy times seemed to always conflict with his school days and it didn't help that the school was almost a half hour away. I didn't want him to keep missing days and have to keep paying, so we stopped. I don't know why this was so hard on me, but it just made he sad for him. I know it's my fault for not having everything more organized. I don't ever want him to feel that he can't do things because we have a lot going on with Camden. He doesn't seem to mind or miss it right now. Next year he will do pre k at the school by our house and that will be much easier. I just need to schedule lots of play dates so he can be around other kids. We are off to a good start so far!

We even had a play date with Camden's little buddy P who is 9 months old. He is doing so amazing! He's already crawling around all over the place and I'm hoping he might motivate Cam to do the same!

I'm also going to start taking Camden to a craniosacral therapist this month. I'm not exactly sure what happens at these appointments, but I have heard great things about it so I thought we would give it a try. I'll write more about it after we have our first appointment. We started giving Camden supplements this week as well. We are starting slow and doing Nutrivene D first, and then will start adding more when we are ready. We are doing this more for long term benefits. I will explain more about that in another post too.

Camden has his cardiology appointment this month and I honestly can't wait to go. I just want to hear that the hole is closed, or is at least closing. This is always in the back of mind and I still worry a great deal about it. I just want to be able to put it behind us. If you can spare a little prayer for him, it would be much appreciated!

So far the new year has started off good and continues to be busy. We are adding more therapies and I'm ready to get back on track after our much needed break. It's going to be a great year! I just feel it! ;)


  1. Camden looks adorable with his haircut :)...People use to think Russell was a girl all the time, it really annoyed me. We cut his hair super short, I hated it, and now we are growing it back out because that's how we like it, and to heck with what everyone else thinks! lol
    Happy New Year to you, sounds like you're all geared up and ready to go :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I know I shouldn't let it bother me and I'm sure one day it won't. I think I get more aggravated when people tell me how tiny my beautiful little girl is. ;) I don't know which comment annoys me more. I'll get over all of it one day and learn to not care what people think. ..I hope!

      Hope your family is doing well and are enjoying the new year!

  2. I've been avoiding our second haircut, similar reasons!

    Don't feel guilty about preschool. Think of it as an opportunity, to simplify your family's life and focus on what is important, everyone! In the end, all that will matter to either of your boys is that they grow up loved, and you've got that part more than covered. xox