Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why I Do It

Since Camden was born I have tried to advocate and spread awareness when I can. All of my friends with little ones with Ds try to do this. Many of them have said that friends and family members get annoyed or tired of all the "Ds posts" on Facebook or wherever. I have had a couple of people hint at that to me as well. I know my friends and family have accepted Camden right from the start. They love him and support him no matter what. They do not see him as different. He has been accepted and included in all things. They don't need to see all of my posts on social media because they get it and I love them for that. Not everyone out there feels this way though. There are still misconceptions, ignorance and hate. Camden will not be accepted by everyone. People may (probably will) make fun of him, call him names, not include him, and see him as different. That is like a knife to my heart. This is the problem. A problem that myself and many others are trying to change. This is why you may see lots of posts on Ds. This is why I ask you to sign and share things that are important to me such as the ABLE act. This is why I ask you to stop using the "r" word. It's not because I'm too sensitive, it's because it's offensive and hateful. I am passionate about advocating. That will never change. In fact, I want to do more (and I will) but I just haven't had the time. So, I will continue to promote awareness and to advocate every single day of my life until Camden has a voice and can do these things for himself. Simply put, this is why I do it.

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