Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Conquering the Pig

Okay...it may seem silly to write a blog post about a toy pig. This isn't just any pig though. This particular pig has been in my life for over a year now, and it has been my nemesis from the beginning.
This toy was recommended to us by Camden's occupational therapist a while back. The pig is supposed to be great for working on fine motor skills. I think almost every friend I have that has a child with Ds either has or had this lovely pig at one point in time. I don't even know where we got the thing because I never see it in stores. I'm sure it was one of many purchases from Planet Amazon. I bought the pig with excitement and was ready to see what all the hype was about.

I have disliked this pig since day one. It looks like lots of fun, but it's deceiving. You put the coins in the little piggy's back while it plays fun music. Easy, right? Hah! Sure, it may be easy for a lot of your kids. Just put the coin in and enjoy. Nope. Not at our house. For those of you who have the pig, and have struggled with the pig, know what I'm talking about. Camden tried one time on his own in the beginning. He was pretty young, so he couldn't quite get that blasted coin in. I would guide his little hand to the slot and help him put it in. After about two times, he got frustrated and gave up. He would then just throw the coins. All 10 coins thrown all over the room. Coins under the bed. Coins in the trash. Coins in the laundry. There were plastic coins everywhere. I wasn't going to give up though. I was determined to beat that pig. We worked on it frequently, and each time he still couldn't get it. There was that little smirk on that piggy's face, and it was like he was laughing at me each time.

Even though I despised that little pig, we kept doing it. I just knew he would get it very soon. Each time Camden would try one coin. He still couldn't get it in, so the throwing commenced. Sometimes he would throw the coins at the pig. He would bang the coins against the pig, and sometimes would toss the pig across the room. I must admit that I got some sick pleasure out of him beating up the pig. Take that, you pink little plastic pig!

We put the pig away for a couple of months. He didn't seem interested in it, and we all know how I felt about the thing. Well, the other day I decided to let the pig come out and play. I'm happy to report that Camden has FINALLY mastered that stinkin' pig!!! He can get those coins in like nobody's business! I must say that the pig and I are now besties. We play together almost every single day. Oh, and I'm so proud of you, Camden!



  1. These things are always a big deal! Good Job Camden 😊

  2. ^ that's suppose to be a smiley face...for some reason it came out as question marks. This is why I never comment from the iPad! lol